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Studio Policies


Recitals and performance opportunities


Piano workshops will be held twice a year. In December we have individual recitals. This is where the students can perform some of their favorite pieces for their family members! These recitals are held during their regularly scheduled times at the studio. If necessary, we can schedule the performance for a different time/date and the regular weekly lesson will be skipped. 


We do a formal recital in the second week of March. Students are required to participate.


Students who wish to participate in the FSMTA (Florida State Music Teacher’s Association)  Student day program will also have the opportunity to perform at community recitals. Exam fees are not included in the monthly tuition.

Missed lessons and cancelations

Technology makes it possible to avoid missed lessons by having an online lesson. For example, if  a parent cannot drive the student for lessons, or the student is too ill to attend in person (perhaps stayed home from school) but well enough to have a piano lesson, we can have a virtual lesson rather than having the lesson canceled. In-person lessons are  preferable, but online lessons provide an alternative to cancellation and can be used when necessary. 

Makeups are not given, for student cancellations, unless a time becomes available during regular teaching hours. If a time is not available during regular teaching hours, the lesson will be forfeited. I do my best to find time to make up the lesson, but sometimes this will not be possible.

Outside of the cancellations mentioned above, makeup lessons are only given in the following circumstances:

  • Hurricane days 

  • Teacher cancellation

  • Medical emergency or death in the family.


Makeup lessons for the above reasons will occur either: 

  • As times become available during regular teaching hours 

  • During Makeup week at the end of the school year. The first week and weekend of June are reserved for that. Occasionally, I will make a weekend available for makeup before June if necessary. 


Non-attendance does not excuse payment for a lesson.

Discontinuing Lessons : 

Students commit to a semester of lessons at my studio, which includes the cost of method books. If a student decides to quit lessons in the middle of the semester, they must give me a 30-day notice and cover the remaining cost of the method books (the cost of the method books are spread across the semester and included in your monthly fees.)

If a student quits lessons without giving me 30 days notice, they will be responsible for paying for one month of lessons, including the cost of the method books.

This policy is in place to protect my business and to ensure that I am able to cover the costs of materials. When a student quits lessons in the middle of the semester, I am left with an unpaid portion of the method books that cannot be used with another student. This can be a significant financial loss for me.

I understand that sometimes circumstances change and students need to quit lessons unexpectedly. However, I ask that students give me as much notice as possible so that I can make arrangements for the method books.

I appreciate your understanding of this policy.

Practice and Parent Involvement


When someone is learning something new and there is no progress, they will lose interest in learning and feel like they are failing. Practice, discipline, and commitment are necessary for the learner while love, support, and patience are vital from the parents.

It is imperative that a student practice at least five days a week. The amount of time for each practice necessary will be decided by the teacher depending on the age and level of experience.

If your child is under the age of seven, a parent is required to be present in the room at all times. Parents/Guardians are invited to sit in on the classes, wait in another room, wait in the vehicle, or drop their child off for all other age groups. 

If you plan to drop your child off, please return at least five minutes before the end of the lesson. Due to scheduling, there will be no one available to watch a student after their lessons have ended.

Students with Special Needs

It is very important that I know if your child has any disability, healthy issues or special needs. Sometimes parents do not think it is necessary to share this information, but it is crucial for me so I can prepare lessons  and sometimes adapt the music room with that in mind. I am passionate about teaching a very individualized lesson and strive to make the music room safe for children with allergies or other healthy problems.

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